Leading Edge Simulation

JaamSim is a free and open source discrete-event simulation software which includes a drag-and-drop user interface, interactive 3D graphics, input and output processing, and model development tools and editors.

Available for Windows, MacOS, and Linux

License: JaamSim is Apache 2.0

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Drag & Drop

JaamSim is the only free open source simulation software to offer a drag & drop interface that rivals commercial simulation packages. A full palette of objects is provided for building process flow and system dynamics type models.

Fast & Scalable

JaamSim is many times faster than the commercial simulation software packages and is scalable to much larger and more complex models. We have built models with as many as 40,000 active objects.

Widely Used

JaamSim is used by leading companies and universities around the world. It has been in continuous development since 2002 and is downloaded more than 10,000 times per year.