Current JaamSim Version: 2024-04

JaamSim is distributed with all dependencies in a single file; just download and run.

Requirements: Java 8 or higher, graphics driver supporting OpenGL 2.1 or higher

Windows executables produced by the install4j multi-platform installer builder.

Download 64-Bit

Self-contained 64-bit executable for Windows

Universal Jar

This version runs everywhere:
MacOS, Linux, and Windows.


The following command line is used to launch the universal jar file:
java -jar JaamSim2024-04.jar

Prior to release 2024-04, a more complicated command line is required if Java 17 or above is used:
java --add-exports java.desktop/sun.awt=ALL-UNNAMED -jar JaamSim2024-03.jar

Manuals and Documentation

JaamSim uses the JOGL 3d graphics library developed by Jausoft.

Citing JaamSim


Please Cite JaamSim as the following, updating the version as needed.

JaamSim Development Team (2016). JaamSim: Discrete-Event Simulation Software. Version 2016-14.
URL doi:10.5281/zenodo.57118

BibText entry:

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Example Models

JaamSim includes a large collection of example models that are built into the software under the 'Help' menu. Some of these models are shown below.

3D Graphics

Server and Queue

Harmonic Oscillator

Cafe Model

The Big Lean Simulation Library

The Big Lean Simulation Library was created specifically to give Lean Six Sigma instructors an easy way to quickly demonstrate complex concepts to their students. The simulations are small and take between approximately 5 to 30 minutes to show. Each focuses on just a few concepts so you can show them interspersed throughout the class or all at once. They have different motifs (manufacturing, healthcare, back office work, etc.) so you could present different sets of simulations depending on your audience.

The Big Lean Simulation Library by The Big Lean Simulation Library, LLC is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

Zipfile containing all Models and Documentation

The accompanying video files were too large to include in a single download and can be downloaded individually below: